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Tanz der Vampire in KölnVampires unleashed! The musical "Tanz der Vampire" (“Dance of the Vampires”) is running in Cologne from February to September. Creepy creatures of the night strike terror into people's hearts at sundown.

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Photokina, the leading international trade fair for photography, video and imaging, is running annually as of 2018. The imaging industry is subject to digital transformation and increasingly brief innovation cycles. As a reaction to this, Photokina is repositioning itself.

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Four years after the launch of the Mercedes S-Class W222 the luxury limousine was treated to an update. After the facelift the vehicle comes with new headlights and radiator grille and with a revised bumper.

If you go for a stroll through the city of Duesseldorf, don’t forget to cast a glance at the beautiful fountains. The Tritonenbrunnen (Triton Fountain) is to be found on Königsallee, in the city center. It shows the sea god clutching a trident, puttos and a giant fish. The limestone fountain was constructed by Friedrich Coubillier in the year 1902.

“Rhein in Flammen” (Rhine in Flames) – that’s the name of one of Germany’s most captivating fireworks spectacles. The city of Bonn will see the impressive event once again on May 6th. It is accompanied by several music performances in the Rhine meadows.

Interline Catering
For longer journeys we can offer something special: The INTERLINE Coach-Service with catering. Some of our VIP Motor Coaches feature a fully equipped galley. We can also provide a specially trained catering staff to look after you.

Düsseldorf will see a major sports event this year: The “Grand Départ” of the “Tour de France 2017”, the world’s most prestigious bicycle race. The tour start has taken place in Germany before: Cologne (1965), Frankfurt (1980) and Berlin (1987) were host cities in the past.

Benrath Palace in the south of Duesseldorf is not only a must see for history buffs; due to its gorgeous architecture it is definitely worth a visit for everyone.

Our chauffeur-guide excursion takes you to the city of Muenster and to Nordkirchen Water-Palace, also known as "Westphalian Versailles".