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Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, INTERLINE has been offering transfers with particularly high standards of hygiene and optimum health protection. These safety precautions have now been extended by a further measure: Hepa air purifiers in all vehicles.

Since 2020 the INTERLINE hygiene concept included strict disinfection measures as well as vehicles with safe seat spacing and special equipment, as glass partitions between the driver and passenger compartment.

In times of falling infection figures, an increasing vaccination rate and further openings, more mobility is possible again. However, as long as not all citizens have received a vaccination offer, INTERLINE continues to rely on strict protective measures for all journeys.This does not only include the mandatory FFP2 masks for passengers and drivers and Corona-tests for chauffeurs. INTERLINE has also installed air purifiers in all vehicles.

The devices, which are attached to the passenger headrests, have so-called Hepa filters (High Efficiency Particulate Air), which remove 99.9% of viruses and aerosols. INTERLINE customers can therefore travel with peace of mind and optimum protection.

For more information on the INTERLINE services, please call our Customer Service: 0211-210 205